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Care Innovator Award 2017

This is the award that we really wanted for No Place Like Home. It is fantastic to have our unique model of companionship and care validated by an external panel of judges. When this calibre of support is eventually adopted and embedded in the mainstream it will not only enhance quality of life for those receiving it, make work far more enjoyable and fulfilling for those delivering it, but it will also significantly save the public purse. To us it's a no-brainer but political cycles are sadly so short-term and this is all about upfront and long-term investment in people's well being. In Kent, we are learning from the Swedish Esther model which also is all about focusing on "what matters most to a person" rather than deciding "what's the matter with a person". Our Managing Director, Alison, is an Ambassador for this type of approach which compliments our No Place Like Home

person-centred philosophy.

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