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About Us

No Place Like Home is a bespoke later life support service for Canterbury and Swale residents

No Place Like Home was established by Alison Carter in 2013, in response to her mother's experience caring for her father who was affected by vascular dementia. The challenges that her parents faced made her realise that there was a need for high-quality, tailored care and companionship at home. Located on the edge of Faversham, No Place Like Home's service has since grown and now supports senior clients across Canterbury and Swale areas.

No Place Like Home goes above and beyond the ordinary care company service model to keep you happy and healthy at home. As one of a limited number of private-only clients, you will enjoy your own unique blend of our exceptional quality hospitality and care, spiced with our passion to help you make the most of your later life, whatever that might be for you. We especially welcome clients affected by dementia.

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Our Vision... a world where later life is lived to its full potential. No Place Like Home envisages later life as a period to be enjoyed. With careful planning and preparation, you and your loved ones will be able to enjoy the later years at home which research confirms is the best place for health and happiness.

Our Mission...

... is to help you and your loved ones to make the most of your later life whatever that might be for you. Our carefully selected and trained Personal Assistants go above and beyond the ordinary care company service model to help you retain your independence and to live your life your way.

... are to reassure and to grow our clients' confidence by providing an exceptional quality of care and companionship within a bespoke service designed around individual needs and wishes. We take time to really understand what matters most to you.

Our Values...

Alison Carter and her mother,  Leslie Fenn, share their thoughts with NHS Choices about what matters most when planning companionship and care for a loved one.

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