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Dementia Workshop Feedback


Looking to attend one of our workshops? Here's what past participants have said about us...

"I found the workshop very interesting and most helpful. Thank you very much. Everything was explained so clearly and helped me to understand things more clearly from my husband’s situation (he suffers from Parkinsons and Lewy Body Dementia)." 

Mrs B, Sittingbourne area

"Well run, in a very caring, compassionate way. It is a difficult topic and everybody has to tackle their problems according to their situations. You gave us wonderful, helpful insights. I think the balance of what you talked about today was excellent."

Mrs L, Canterbury area

"The opportunity to share experiences and thoughts with each other is useful – always a relief to know that you are not alone as a carer. Have found this the most useful aspect and have learned a lot from other carers."  


Mrs C, Sittingbourne area

"It was a very interesting informing session. Thank you very much. Great info."

Mrs L, Canterbury area

"A lovely, relaxed briefing, pleasant environment – don’t change it too much!"

Mr L, Canterbury area

"Helpful information and exercises. Comforting to be with others and hear their experiences."  


Mrs R, Faversham area

"I think the balance of symptoms and care methods was about right. The availability of booklets etc. will be very helpful to all."


Mr E, Faversham area

"I found it useful to put myself in the mind of a person with dementia. It was also useful to hear other carers sharing their experiences."

Mrs C, Faversham area

"Very informative presentation for people in the community touched by dementia."  


Mrs T, Sittingbourne area

"I found the workship very interesting and helpful. Leslie's experience of living with her husband and the way she overcame situations was very useful indeed."  


Mrs E, Faversham area

"I benefitted from the stories of the other attendees. My understanding of my role is now much clearer to me. I cannot think of any part of the session that has not been of use.  For the time spent, it is invaluable." 

Mr W, Sittingbourne area

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