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Our Bespoke Support Service


We're all about improving your quality and enjoyment of life

Research confirms that home is best for health and happiness in later life. However, coping with the increasing challenges of everyday living can reduce our quality of life. Our role is to assist you in whatever way you wish to live your life more confidently and enjoyably. 

We are proud to offer a premium service, tailored to meet your individual needs


We are available seven days a week and can respond to urgent requests, but it is often helpful to introduce support gradually, perhaps for a morning or two each week.​ Our prices range between £36.50 to £41 per hour, depending on the length of time you would like us to spend with you and the nature of support you might request. Build from blocks of two consecutive Personal Assistant hours per visit.​ We would be delighted to discuss your individual needs on a no-obligation basis. For a confidential consultation please contact us

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You might like us to help you...

Dementia Expertise


Our Bespoke Service

... maintain your social life

Stay social and active 

Your Personal Assistant will support you in whatever way you wish to enjoy your social life.

You might like us to drive you to clubs or events; to help you entertain friends at home; or even to accompany you on a short break away.


... keep fit and healthy

Supporting you in mind and body

Your Personal Assistant will support you in whatever way you wish to maintain your physical and mental good health. 


You might like us to prepare and cook your favourite recipes; to help you with a bespoke exercise regime;  to surf the web for fun; or perhaps to accompany you to a dance or arrange a home fitness class.

... manage your affairs

Maintaining your independence

Your Personal Assistant will support you in whatever way you wish to keep your business affairs in good order. 


You might like us to deal with routine paperwork for you; to research information online; to arrange for independent later life financial advice.​


Our financial advisor is accredited to the Society of Later Life Advisors (SOLLA).


... look after property and pets

Keeping you safe and sound at home

Your Personal Assistant will support you in whatever way you wish with your property and pets. 


You might like us to clean your home or tend your garden; to decorate or arrange other routine maintenance; to install safety equipment; or simply to walk the dog or take the cat to the vet.

... enjoy companionship

'Taking time' to talk rather than just

'time and task'


Your Personal Assistant will do their very best to be a supportive, friendly companion to you. 


You might like us to help you start a new hobby or learn a new skill; to read a book or newspaper to you; to accompany you to the cinema or theatre; or to take you for a drive in the countryside or out to lunch.


... with your personal care

Looking after your every need

Your Personal Assistant will support you sensitively and respectfully with your individual day-to-day personal care needs. 


You might like us to help you with manicure, massage or makeover; to remind you to take medicines; or to assist with bathroom or other intimate care duties. You can be assured that we are fully qualified to care. We are regularly inspected by Care Quality Commission and take great pride in our Overall Outstanding rating.

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