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Most Inspiring Care Provider

No Place Like Home was honoured to receive the 'Most Inspiring Care Provider' at the 2019 Dementia Friendly Kent Awards held at the Kent Event Centre on 11th October 2019. A huge thank you to the person who nominated our wonderful team of Personal Assistants. It says it all and we are humbled: "Mum could not be released home from hospital unless I could ensure a safe environment. I felt a good start would be to contact and agency with an Outstanding CQC accreditation; I contacted No Place Like Home. Mum's anxiety often becomes crippling. Annette, Claire, Donna, Heather, Kim, Sharon and Val appear to possess an abundance of patience and techniques to rescue mum from her debilitating anxiety, be it with words, or a well-placed hug or handholding. Having seen this in action I never fail to be amazed by the empathy and respect with which it is given. Despite the dementia I believe mum's quality of life is better than it was five years ago."

Alison and Rhona receiving Most Inspiring Care Provider at Dementia Friendly Awards 2019

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