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The Dementia Diaries

The Dementia Diaries

No Place Like Home's Managing Director, Alison Carter is a member of Kent's multi-sector Dementia Reference Group. This group's mission is to help Kent to become a Dementia Friendly Community. A range of initiatives have been undertaken all over the county to improve the lives of people living with dementia. One project is the development of 'The Dementia Diaries' which is aimed at helping teenagers understand and cope with a family member who has dementia.

The Dementia Diaries tell the story of living with dementia from the persepctive of a young person. Alison's teenage daughters' experience of their grandfather's dementia is captured in the character 'Brie'. The book is available in all Kent libraries and also can be ordered online via Amazon. This wonderful resource gained second place in the NHS England Participation Awards - Children and Young Peoples Award for Excellence which is fantastic news.

The Making of the Dementia Diaries can be viewed on youtube along with the Brain Cell Boogie - a cartoon and song designed to engage young people about the book.

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